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Touch of Gold

Warm metal finishes are showing up everywhere!  Think gold, un-lacquared brass, bronze, and copper.

Kitchen and bath fixture companies are now offering these finishes for their more transitional and contemporary styles.

I recently saw this New Ravenna mosaic tile in person at Architectural Ceramics in Baltimore.  It's gorgeous!  I also like how they mix the finishes here (the faucet is polished chrome).

Gold mirrors and lighting are classic...

Pretty table base...

Kelly Wearstler
Warm hardware is a sophisticated look with the grey cabinets...

Buttery drapery and gold cocktail table work beautifully with the grey walls.

Hab Chic Blog

Hab Chic Blog

Celerie Kemble

Things That Inspire Blog

Sara Richardson

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Tips for Pet-Friendly Interiors

We all love our pets!  But what can we do so they don't destroy our pretty homes?

Here are some of my tips...

1.  Use hard surfaces wherever possible.  They are easier to clean then carpets.  If you have to do carpets, stick with the low pile variety.  Higher pile carpets are much harder to clean.


2.  Strategically place a blanket or throw where your pet likes to hang out.  My black newfoundland likes to hang out at the end of my cream sofa so I hang a pretty throw over that side.  It's easier to clean then the sofa.


3.  Match your decor to your dog's hair color.   It'll hide a lot.

Country Living

4.  Washable slipcovers and bedding are great.

5.  Indoor/outdoor rugs are easy to clean.

6.  Have a designated spot for your pet to hang out.

Jonathan Adler

7.  An attractive dog bed is good too.

Michael S. Smith

8.  Use good quality washable paint.  A satin or eggshell finish is a must.  Don't use flat!

Darryl Carter

9.  Consider keeping you windows clear of long drapery, especially where your pets spend a lot of time.

House of Turquoise Blog

10.  Keep your pets clean and well groomed.  Weekly brushings will cut down on the amount of hair and dander in your home.

Michael S. Smith

11.  Less is more might be your look.


12.  Indoor/outdoor fabrics are great.  Also, use tightly woven fabrics that have been treated to be soil resistant.

13.  A home with some rustic patina hides a lot.  

Thomas Buckborough

Have a good weekend!  

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Mad for Plaid

I'm currently loving plaid.  Whether it's an accent or you decide to wallpaper entire room in it, it's a great classic pattern that's easy to mix with what you already have going on!  

Tommy Smythe who works with Sara Richardson likes it too...

Tommy Smythe's home
Tommy Smythe's home

Cameron Kimber 



Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

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Hope you are enjoying your first week of 2013!!!