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Form Over Function...Even in Your Office!

I feel your office should be filled with pretty things that bring you joy.  The more room there is for bills and papers to lay around, the more opportunity there is to not stay organized.  One of the best changes I made was go from a super large desk to a small desk in my office.  It forces me to file, recycle and stay organized which has significantly reduced my stress level.   The items on my desk include a pretty lamp, a candle, a stapler, my laptop, a jar of pens and pencils and a few papers because this is all that will fit.

I recently helped a client with their office and here's the result.

My client has a very pretty custom tiger maple desk.  Adding texture, softness and personal items were top on my list to make the space more welcoming and, well, less work-like.  A Schumacher floral fabric was chosen for the window which picked up the color of the desk and the pale yellow walls.  A black banding was placed around the window treatment to give it more definition.  We also framed personal photos, placed a sheepskin on the chair for softness, added a blue pottery lamp for texture, color, and light, added a pretty plant for texture and health, and added a flat weave rug for more pattern and softness.   There's an organizer on the right to store bills to be paid.  There's also lateral file cabinets on the right and left to file away e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Other tips for a well organized, pretty office include:

1.  Add pretty trays to contain the supplies.  
2.  Put whatever you use the most, closest to you, the least, farthest away.
3.  Add a unique object somewhere on your desk that has no purpose at all but to inspire you or make       you smile.
4.  Add a small pretty clock to keep track of time.
5.  Add pretty containers (baby's silver cup, pottery bowls, vintage jars) for pens, paper clips, etc.

You'll feel more productive and working won't feel so much like work!

Have a great week and stay warm!

P.S.  If you would like help turning your home into one you love, contact me here.


Best of 2013

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe 2013 has come and gone.  I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember half of it…good thing we document most of our events in pictures or I would be in real trouble!  Anyone else feel this way?

For the first post of the year, I wanted to share our most popular Pinterest images, Facebook posts, Houzz photos, and PI blog posts.  I've only selected the top three for each so the post would not get too long.  Enjoy!

Top 2013 PINTEREST Images

I pinned over 1,500 images to Pinterest in 2013.  These images provide inspiration for design, fashion, food, travel, etc.  Of these images, the one that was repined the most in 2013 was the stair picture I took at the Hobo flagship store in Annapolis, MD.  The stairs provide a list of wonderful attributes.  To see more of this super hip store, check out my blog post, Store Design Love, which was also one of the top three blog posts visited in 2013.  Click here to follow me on Pinterest.

Before I get to the next two top Pinterest images, I wanted to share my three favorite quotes I pinned last year.

Coco Kelley Blog

Habitually Chic Blog

Habitually Chic Blog

Back to popular images on Pinterest….here's the top kitchen image pinned in 2013 with a contemporary style and clean lines.  

The top bathroom image pinned in 2013 was from my own home.


In addition to the Hobo store post, here are the other two top posts that were read by the most people in 2013.  Here's an after picture from the Family Room Renovation post which you can see more of here.

The Master Bathroom Renovation post highlighted another project for the same client.  Click here, to see more.

Top 2013 FACEBOOK posts

Below are four images that were very popular on my Facebook page (based on number of views).  I had to include a fourth image since they were all so close in popularity.  Click here to see more on my Facebook page…while you're visiting, it would be great if you "liked" my page too!

Here's a dining nook that includes new lighting, window treatments and cushion covers.

Here is under stair storage I designed for a client in DC.  This image also happens to be a top image saved to "ideabooks" on Houzz too.

My carpenter used the following autoCAD drawing to build the storage.

Here's an office we installed over the summer.  Our website was recently updated which includes more on this project on the Services page and new work on the Portfolio page.

Here's a playroom we completed this year.  I'm sure the image's popularity had something to do with the adorable son of my client having so much fun!


Houzz highlighted the nook below in one of their articles, here, which resulted in this image being added to over 1,400 ideabooks!  Houzz provides tons of inspiration for future home projects. I highly recommend you check it out.

There must be other designers looking for office inspiration because this image of my office was added to over 70 ideabooks.  I'm running out of space for samples so not sure I'll be here much longer.  

I'm sure the popularity of "live edge" furniture made this image a big hit of an office in Eastport. 

Lastly, 2014 is off to a great start with the newly released Scout Guide!  I'm thrilled to be included with a great group of local businesses including Niermann Weeks, Hinckley Yachts, and Victoria Larson Textiles to name just a few.  You should see it around town very soon!

I wish all of you a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous 2014!

If you need help turning your home into one you love, contact me here.