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Recent Client Pictures

Last week I took some pictures of client houses.  I'm in the process of updating my website's portfolio and trying to improve the quality of some pictures and take some new ones of recent work.  I think they turned out pretty good but I feel I've got a long way to go before my pictures are the quality I want them to be.  My dad has given me some hints which I now need to practice.   I know some talented photographers read my blog, so any advice is welcome!!

This is going to be a short seems like a crazy busy time for everyone.  For me...kid's school projects and activities, several client projects in the works, my own basement/office reno, school (yes, I'm taking some classes to help me with my commercial side of the business), and a dedicated effort to get in good shape for a girls' trip to Miami in a few weeks have me running all the time these days!!  Back to work I go.

Have a great weekend!


Pretty Trestle Table, Bookcases, Decals and more...

In my last post I mentioned how I'd helped my brother and his wife with their new home.  Well, they sure have done a lot since we were here last.  Here are some pictures I took of their home.

They added a beautiful trestle table to their kitchen.  It arrived days before we did.

They added super cool pillows from Esty...

We ate many good meals on this table thanks to sister-in-law and brother's wonderful cooking!

They rearranged their living room so the couch faced the fireplace, added a new oriental rug, and made changes to their built in bookcases to accommodate their TV which is hidden behind the bifold doors.

My crafty sister-in-law transformed the mirror in their powder room by adding a mosaic with blue and white porcelain...

Here's an idea of what the frame looked like before the transformation...

She also added these adorable decals to my nieces' rooms.

They are having so much fun turning their house into a home.  

We also found some time to "geocache"... a big hit with the kids.

And of course, we found time for some yummy treats...

 Thanks Josh and Gwen for the good times!


Chocolate Fish and Chocolate Bunnies

I'm writing my first post by iphone while driving to New York to visit my brother, Josh, and his family for the holiday. We're looking forward to a weekend of good food and lots of hang out time. I've promised Reid that I won't spend days helping Gwen, my sister-in-law, and Josh with decorating their house this year. Last year for the first time they asked for my help. I was so excited that we landed up spending several days rearranging, accessorizing and searching for furniture and rugs. We found two great quality couches for a steal on Craigs List being sold by a neighbor who was moving. On Easter Sunday we walked the two couches down their street to their house. We also found a beautiful oriental rug for their living room. For the past year, I've been helping them by email and can't wait to see the changes they've made.

Earlier this week I snapped a couple pictures of a client's recently renovated bathroom. The shower curtain was made with fabric designed by the talented Victoria Larson, who lives in Annapolis. Her designs are so fresh and organic. You can check out all her fantastic fabrics here.

Here's a close up...

Here are some fun chocolate bunny decorations by Martha Stewart.   Yum yum!!

Have a great weekend!