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Recent Client Pictures

Last week I took some pictures of client houses.  I'm in the process of updating my website's portfolio and trying to improve the quality of some pictures and take some new ones of recent work.  I think they turned out pretty good but I feel I've got a long way to go before my pictures are the quality I want them to be.  My dad has given me some hints which I now need to practice.   I know some talented photographers read my blog, so any advice is welcome!!

This is going to be a short seems like a crazy busy time for everyone.  For me...kid's school projects and activities, several client projects in the works, my own basement/office reno, school (yes, I'm taking some classes to help me with my commercial side of the business), and a dedicated effort to get in good shape for a girls' trip to Miami in a few weeks have me running all the time these days!!  Back to work I go.

Have a great weekend!


Betsy and Randy Justis - and Ellen and Laura, too! said...

I love the chocolate velvet curve sofa! Source???

Pretty Inspirational said...


The brown wedge sofa is from Lee Industries.