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Our Guest Bedroom and Creating a Cutting Flower Garden

After we completed our basement renovation last summer, we changed how we used a lot of the rooms in our home...the refinished basement became my office, my old office became our master suite, our old master suite became my son's room, and my son's room became the guest bedroom, our old guest bedroom became our closet, and Reid's office moved upstairs...whew!  It was a lot of work but well worth the effort.

I was a little burned out after all the changes and just recently spent some time on our guest bedroom.

I wish I had a before picture to show you but basically it looked like a typical young boy's blue, green and white stripped walls to coordinate with a wonderful nautical quilt made by his grandmother.  An adorable room but small.  Now that he's older and much bigger, he is really appreciating his larger room!

 Our guest bedroom looks like this now...

Bedding is from John Robshaw, accent pillow and lamp from Pottery Barn, print from and framed by Framer's Vise,  woven shades by Hunter Douglas, and antique bed, side table, and vase from my grandmother.    I'm happy with how the room and this picture turned out but it added a major project to my list this spring....can you guess what it is??

I want to create a cutting flower garden.  After scrambling for flowers to put in the vase above,  I realized that our yard, most of the time, doesn't have enough flowers to fill one vase.  So, I decided to change this.   

I'm a big fan of fresh flowers and plants in the home.  But I don't like buying flowers because of the cost and the selection is pretty much limited to our local grocery store.  Whenever I see flower arrangements that I really like, they always have a natural look like the one below...

After some searching online, I discovered a wonderful blog called Wild Acre that goes into great detail on how to create a cutting flower garden, the flowers to choose for your garden, and then how to create a beautiful bouquet.  Below are links back to these blog posts that I found useful...

Click here to see the post by Wild Acre for creating your cutting patch design.  

Image via Wild Acre

I don't have enough sun or land for these gardens but I found them inspirational and I could incorporate elements of them into our own patch...

 Source unknown

Click here to see the post by Wild Acre for selecting the right flowers for your garden.  Included is a great list of flowers to try.

Image via Wild Acre

And last but not least, click here to see the post by Wild Acre for creating a beautiful bouquet from your garden.

Image via Wild Acre

I'm looking forward to putting all this great advice to use!

I hope you are having a wonderful spring and enjoying some time outside!

If you would like help making your home beautiful, contact me here.