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American Craft Council Show in Baltimore is THIS WEEKEND!

So much has happened over the last 12 months!  It's all good but it's been crazy busy so blogging has taken a back seat for some time.

I'll be catching up on posts soon but wanted to send a quick note about the American Craft Council Show that takes place this weekend in Baltimore.  Last fall the ACC approached me to see if I would be interested in taking part in their Make Room exhibit.  This is where four designers are given the opportunity to transform a 12x10 white box into a room that highlights artists work at the show. I had just made the tough decision to not submit a design for the 2015 DC Design House.  I decided that I would be insane to do it again this year with a new puppy, our own kitchen renovation and a crazy amount of work.  So the ACC show seemed like a manageable project with set up and tear down happening in less then a week.  Plus I have been a huge fan of the show for many years and was excited to be part of it. 

Part of the Make Room process is that the designer gets to select the arwork they would like use in their room.  After reviewing about 25 pieces I knew immediately I wanted to design my room around Michael Bauermeister's "Cloudy Towers".

Michael was inspired by a cloudy day on the Missouri River bottomlands that surround his studio.  The contrast of the towering clouds with the row of trees at the river's edge provides a powerful focal point for the space.  I wanted Michael's piece to be accentuated while the surrounding space provides a luxurious backdrop with a sophisticated mix of textures and finishes.  The ACC also asked that I design the room based on the element of "Air".  So I used glass, acrylic, lucite and a throw that mimics owl feathers in the design.  I also found a pretty bamboo silk rug from Stark Carpet that reminds me of swirling wind or air.  Here it is with some fabric samples I'm using in the room.  

I also chose this wood accent chair from The Phillips Collection to add curve and wood grain to the space.

 Below are pictures and the illustration of my room that ACC has been using for show promotion.  I'll share more pictures of the room after the show.

I highly recommend you make the trip to visit the show at the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend.  There are over 650 talented artists selling their work.  It is also an excellent opportunity to find one of a kind items for yourself and your home that you will treasure for a long time.  And please stop by the Make Room exhibit.  I would love to see you!

Have a great week and hope to see you soon!