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Are you ready for house guests?!?

Every Thanksgiving my brother and his family stay with us.  Over the years I've tried to make their bedroom nice by adding interesting books and magazines, fresh flowers and pretty pictures of their wedding.   But the reality is they've had to cram a family of four into the smallest bedroom in the house and I'm guessing my little touches pretty much go unnoticed.  Well, this year, due to some recent swapping of rooms they get a much bigger room.  So I've been collecting tips on how to make guests comfortable.   Have fun making your guest bedroom special and enjoy the pictures!

THE BED.  Invest in a good sleep surface for your guests.  The sheets should be in good shape and freshly cleaned.  Good pillows go a long way to ensure a good night sleep and no cranky guests.   Make sure they have enough covers.  A down comforter is always a plus.

A PLACE TO GET AWAY.  Always nice to have a chair in the room when they need a little quiet time.

DESK.  A desk lets your guests do a little work or surf the web in privacy.  If you're short on space you can have a desk do double duty as a bedside table.

Southern Living - Photo Credit:  Laurey Glenn

NO CLUTTER.  Less is more in a guest bedroom.  Clear out the closet and dresser drawers.  Don't put too many things on the surfaces.  They will need space to put their stuff.

LIGHTING.  Have a good reading light next to their bed that they can turn off and on without getting out of bed.

WINDOWS.  The windows should have drapery or shades to provide privacy and block out light while sleeping.
Melissa McLay Interiors

TECHNOLOGY.  Always nice to have a TV in the room.  Computer and internet access would be great too.

THE LITTLE TOUCHES.  Put a favorite novel next to their bed, add fresh flowers, a clock with alarm, plus some basic toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and soap.  A welcome basket with these items is always an appreciated touch.  For the children, you can leave out coloring books and crayons, a couple children's books, small toys and a candy treat.

House Beautiful - Photo Credit:  Jeremy Samuelson

Better Home and Gardens

BATHROOM.  Include a night light, hair dryer, disposable cups or glass and of course fresh towels.  Offering bathrobes will really make them feel special.

Heather - Thanks for the topic idea!  

Please contact me if you would like help making your home pretty! - Melissa


kadelhh said...

Melissa, You are welcome! Thank you for helping me with the finishing touches on my guest room and on all the great projects in our house! Heather

Pretty Inspirational said...

You know I'm loving every minute of helping you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! -Melissa