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A Beautiful Room

First, I have to say I'm feeling pretty fortunate today.  Our family enjoyed a really great Valentines Day.  My daughter, Kylie, gave me two really pretty handmade cards and my 9 year old son Connor gave me the best hug and kiss a mom could want.  And to top it off Reid gave me the boots I salivated over during our trip in Paris last October!  Life is good.  Just in case you missed my post on our trip you can check it out here...Paris...What Strikes.

Second, I want to share a picture of a room that I just love.  I've seen it a few times on various blogs this past week and had to include it on mine too.  I think you'll agree it's a great one...

Sometimes a room really resonates with me and this is one of them.  My last post was on abstract art and here's a room with it's walls covered in abstract art.  The mix of woods and upholstered furniture is great.  The lighting fixture is stunning and the windows highlight the outdoors.  I'm also liking the layered rugs.  It's sophisticated, little boho, little traditional, little European, little vintage, mixes old with new, highlights great artwork plus it's inviting...everything I love in one room!  This room was designed by a very talented husband and wife team, Brooke and Steve with Giannetti Home (who also has a great blog called Velvet and Linen) and the paintings are by her husband, Steve.  The room was for the Gilt & Ashton Kutcher Showhouse in LA for the DNA Foundation, a charity that focuses on eliminating human trafficking.  If you want to see more of the room, here's a great post on how the room came together...gilt home and ashton kutcher showhouse.

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