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Color at "The Market!

So, I'm sitting at a large round table at the Thomas Payne lecture next to a nice woman who asks if I'm a "McLay".  Turns out her maiden name is "McLay" and she'd never met another one.  Also, turns out she's the Creative Director for C.R. Laine Furniture.  A little later she invited me on a tour of their showroom which I quickly accepted.  I learned a ton about the company and their furniture.

They have been a family owned company since 1958.  All of their upholstery furniture is "Made in America" and they were the first company to achieve Sustainable by Design registration from the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA).  Basically, the wood used is from sustainably harvested hardwoods, no VOC emissions from the glue, and coils, seating and foam are made from recycled materials.  Also, in the last several years, they've implemented many changes in their manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and reuse waste.  Pretty cool.

C.R. Laine has been on my radar for some time but to be honest, until I can see the furniture to touch it, sit in it, and inspect it, I don't recommend it to clients.  Well, I can say I was impressed.  They have well designed pieces in many different styles.  Quality wise, they use eight-way hand-tied coil springs, muslin wrapped cushions, and everything is bench made (done by hand one piece at a time).  They have over 850+ fabrics to choose from or you can provide your own fabric.  And they have 1000+ frames you can choose from that can be customized if needed.  Couch needs to be a little longer, they can do it.  Husband is over 6' tall they can make the seat deeper.

Now back to the trend of "color"...Their showroom, along with many others, had tons of color and very few neutral palettes while other showrooms were all neutral.  The reason they say..."Turbulence in the global economy brought about a serious mood in which designers and consumers turned to sensible neutrals like black, white, camel and grey.  The break-out counter-trend was the bold use of optimistic color emulating hope that things would get better."

So, C.R. Laine believes as we rebound from economic tension, that we will want to bring a sense of fun back into our homes.  We can do this by adding chairs that add color, pattern, and texture to a room that compliment the neutral sofas.  I think you'll agree their furniture would make you "smile"!

These first couple pictures were taken with my iphone in their showroom.  A couple good examples of neutral sofas complimented with some bold color!

Here are some of their great new pieces.  These next two pieces are upholstered in fabric by Hable Construction, a company owned by two sisters that are known for their great color choices and hand-painted graphics.  So fun and they add texture to a room.

Retail:  $1,155
Retail: $1,415 (swivel)

This fabric reminds you of British Botany paintings from the 18th century but also has the fanciful feeling of being in children's storybook such as the Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Can you spot the insects?
Retail:  $1,887

The next few chairs with floral prints get us in the mood for spring!  The larger scaled prints make them more current and can be easily combined with a neutral sofa.  A couple of these chairs are a great way to freshen up a room!

Retail: $1,975 (swivel)
Retail: $1,390
Retail: $1,555
It's all about the details!!  The cushions on this sofa were given a mini flange detail.

Retail:  $3,560

 The blind tufts on this chair are individually sewn in before a tufter pulls each button into place.

Retail:  $1,100

This chair was painted with a Benjamin Moore color.  Color options are as vast as the Benjamin Moore paint deck!
Retail:  $1,605
All I have to say is "Bravo!" to Holly with C.R. Laine and others like her who take the time to educate the designers!  The more we know about the products the more we can educate our clients to help them make well informed decisions!!  Thanks for your hospitality!

Here are a few more colorful items I came across in High Point...

Chair from Company C...

A couple fun chairs from Palecek...

Loved these pillows from Jamie Young.  Reid is going to kill me when I tell him I want to buy some more pillows!

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