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Where Antlers Never Go Out of Style

Rainbow Lake in the Adirondacks was beautiful.   Below is a picture of our lakefront area.  We spent most of our time on and around this pier fishing, jumping, swimming, launching kayaks and eating meals.  The lake was great for rafting and wakeboarding.  Much smoother then the Magothy River!  

We spent a day in Lake Placid which included checking out the the Olympic Center.  The ride simulating the luge and ski high jump was very cool.  Also the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery served us great food and their award winning UBU beer.  I do have to admit that once I walked outside and noticed all the Ironman triathletes walking around (due to an event scheduled later in the week) that I regretted the hamburger I had just devoured.

We all agreed that one of our all time favorite things to do was swinging on the rope swing!  It's provided hours of entertainment for the kids and adults.

Thank you Dad for hosting such a wonderful and memorable vacation!

I quickly learned that homes in the Adirondacks are called "camps".  I did take pictures of some pretty "camps" on the lake but I have to say the boathouses stole the show!  I was impressed with how much effort was put into their design.  

Our "camp" was filled with antlers.  In the Adirondacks and other mountainous areas antlers have been used for decoration for a very long time and will probably never go out of style.  Outside of these areas, antlers have been the rage for several years now.  After a quick google search I discovered that in 2008 The New York Times predicted that antlers were on their way out.  Well, they still seem to be going strong and are being used in all kinds of interiors whether rustic, modern or traditional.  I believe they've remained popular longer then expected due to their sculptural look and people's desire to connect to the past and/or natural world.

Check out how antlers were used in these interiors.

via Canadian House and Home
via Canadian House and Home

via Canadian House and Home

via House Beautiful

via Southern Living

via House Beautiful

via Canadian House and Home

via Colorado Homes

via House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

via Veranda

They aren't for everyone but they can definitely add some fun to a space.  Would you put antlers in your home?  If so, here are a couple that I found for you.

Restoration Hardware

West Elm

Have a great weekend!

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