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Steve Jobs and "Good Taste"

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This is really going to show my age but my first experience with a Mac was in college.  The "computer room" had a PC side and a Mac side.  I choose the PC side so used PCs until my first job required I use a Mac.  I had to pull my Mac on a luggage cart to visit clients!  Since then I've never been able to go back to the PC (at least personally).  Today, I'm a proud owner of a iphone, ipad and MacBook Pro, which I now carry to client meetings in a purse!

Over the past 24 hours, I've learned how important "taste" was to Steve Jobs.  According to the NY Times, he used the word "taste" frequently.  He said, "Great products were a triumph of taste...of trying to expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then trying to bring those things into what you are doing."   He was a marketing genius.  He was able to simplify complex, highly engineered products into easy-to-use products that were simply beautiful.

I do believe "taste" is very subjective.  But I also believe to have "good taste", whether it be in music, fashion, or interior design, you need to experience lots of great music, fashion or interior design. You need to study the details and fine tune your senses for what works or doesn't work.    The people in my life who I consider to have great taste are passionate about their pursuits and continue to improve upon their great taste with more experience.

In honor of  Steve Jobs, below I've included pictures of interiors, all with the iconic "mac".  Enjoy!

Mark Cravotta

Feldman Architecture

Urban Homes, NY

Red Jet Whistle


Valerie Pasquiou

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Have a great weekend!

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