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With one of the biggest TV days around the corner, I thought it was a good time to write about TVs and how to decorate with them.   After searching through my inspirational picture files to find photos for this post  I actually came up with very few to share.  Turns out interior design magazines rarely include TVs in their photos.  Let's face it, they aren't very attractive so why would they include them.  But the reality is most of us have TVs and sometimes they are in very prominent places in our home.  Some people want them on display and others prefer to hide it.  What's your preference?

Here are a few solutions for both preferences...

The Built In Solution

Putting TVs in built in cabinets is a nice way to have the TV in a good spot for viewing but not be the focal point of the room.

Southern Living

Southern Living

This TV is hidden by panels when not in use.  I've seen old barn doors used this way too that slide on metal track.

Southern Living

Bifold doors are easily tucked away...

Mahoney Architects

I like how this TV is somewhat disguised in the bookcase.

Apartment Therapy

The Over the Mantel Solution

When the TV is placed above the mantel, keep the accessories on the mantel simple so it doesn't get too cluttered.  Make sure your TV size works with your mantel size.

Canadian House and Home 

This is one of my favorite pictures with the TV over the mantel.

House Beautiful

The Hide-With-Art Solution

The TV is actually hidden by the artwork which rolls up when you want to watch TV.  A company that offers this product is Art Screen Systems.

Southern Living

The Furniture Solution 

It's hard not to have your TV front and center when using furniture, unless it's an armoire.  Here are a few pictures where the designer/stylist did a nice job accessorizing around the TV. 

House Beautiful

I like how the TV is off center and works with the artwork.

Room & Board
 Here the TV becomes part of a vignette.

Pottery Barn
I especially like how West Elm accessorized around this TV (sorry for the poor quality picture, it's the only one I could find)

West Elm

Another bookcase solution that disguises the TV a bit.  The use of real books would actually hide it more.

Restoration Hardware

Put it on an easel and move it out of the way when you need too.

Restoration Hardware

And of course there is the armoire...

Ballard Designs

The Small Cabinet Solution

I really like this small mirrored cabinet for the TV...

The Simple Solution 

Design Within Reach offers a product called Muro Media Storage that allows you to build out a wall-like section to hide cords.  It comes unfinished so you can either wallpaper it...

Design Within Reach

or paint it.  Pretty cool.

Design Within Reach

 The High Tech Solution

Here's a high tech solution that incorporates your fireplace and your TV.  Great for the more contemporary home.  MCZ sells this product.


I'm sure one day soon we won't need any storage for our media, DVRs, cable boxes.  Won't that be nice!

Have a great week!


KEM said...

I am shopping for a television but at a loss at what to do with it. Thanks for all the good ideas and links.


Anonymous said...

GREAT ideas for the TV! So true that designers avoid the tv and the ceiling fan...BUT we need them! Glad to see you are stylish and practical when it is required!

Seema Persaud, H&H Web Promotions Editor said...

Great ideas! Always a bit of a challenge to work it into the room's design.

Please feel free to link back to us at

Thanks so much!


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