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Iconic Chair: Model A or Marais Chair

Last week was a bit crazy for me.   It was one of the weeks that I just couldn't cross everything off the list which included doing a my weekly blog post.  

Monday was a holiday so spent it with family and got very little work done.  

Tuesday I got the chance to see Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, designer to many hollywood stars and a star himself on Bravo's hit show Million Dollar Decorator.  He was so funny and charming plus I love his style.    I bought his book, Live, Love, and Decorate.   I'm already half way through the book and it's great.  I didn't get a chance to have him sign it because I had to park at a 2 hour meter...ugh!  But loved seeing him and his gorgeous new fabrics in person from his new Schumacher collection.  The fabrics are inspired by his world travels and so fun, just like him.

Wednesday, I installed artwork for a client.  Mostly family photos so can't share right now.  Here's what my car looks like for a typical install...

Thursday was an office day of catching up on invoicing and paying bills.  Did have some fun creating another photo gallery for a client that gets installed this week.  A fun little job of accessorizing a family room.

Friday, I spent all day with my mom checking out the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore.  We go every year and just love seeing all the beautiful artwork, jewelry, furniture and home goods.  Loved these vintage animals plus much much more for your home!

Ok, finally to my post that I meant to do last week!

The Marais Chair

I love this chair.  It is not one I learned about in design school but nevertheless I think it's worthy of mention.  I purchased one several years ago for my son's room and wanted to share a bit of history on it.


It was created in 1934 by Xavier Paudard in Autun, France.   The Marais Chair, also known as the Model A, has become a staple in the industrial esthitic.  Originally made from glavanized steel, it now comes in a variety of finishes and colors.  Slight abrasions and variations are characteristic of the machined process.  Solid, light-weight and low maintenance, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.  It's simple design works well with traditional, rustic and contempory peices creating an eclectic look.    

It's a classic!!

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You can find it at DWR, a great resource for iconic chairs...


Have a great week!!

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