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Recent Projects: Window Treatments

By far one of my favorite types of window treatments are woven wood shades (or sometimes called bamboo shades).  They are great by themselves or with drapery panels.  They have a natural look and filter light beautifully.  Or you can back them with fabric to block out light.  Below are some I've installed in my own home and client's homes.

I installed these shades in my own home about ten years ago and I like them just as much today as I did then...

Melissa McLay Interiors
Here are shades that were recently installed in a sunroom in Severna Park, MD...

Melissa McLay Interiors
Here are shades installed in a breakfast nook in Vienna, VA...

A simple white shade installed in client's bathroom in Vienna, VA...

Melissa McLay Interiors

Here's a woven shade installed with wood hardware and linen panels for guest bedroom in Severna Park, MD...

Melissa McLay Interiors
My husband teases me that one of reasons I love what I do because is I receive packages each day.  He's right.  I enjoy getting home each day and seeing what has arrived on my doorstep.  Mostly it's fabric memos  for client projects like these...

Melissa McLay Interiors
Or fabric to be used for client pillows, like this...

Melissa McLay Interiors

But one of my favorite packages I ever received was my Hunter Douglas sample pack with all their woven wood shade samples.  I use it all the time with over 40 different shade samples to pick from.

Below are some of my favorite images with the same look.  You'll see that the woven wood shades work for all types of homes and styles.  


House Beautiful


House Beautiful

Steven Gambrel



Southern Living

Palmer Weiss

Phoebe Howard

Peter Dunham

Coastal Living

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You're so right about the blinds! There's something fresh and classic about them. What do you think about all the windows looking the same from the outside? Is that an old fashioned way to think? I'd love to add the blinds to our family room.

Stefanie said...

Love my Hunter Douglas Window Treatments. Thank you for all your help with the project.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all the inspiring ideas and photos.


Pretty Inspirational said...

Hi Anne,

Personally, I don't think all the window treatments need to match from the outside of the house. I think it's more important to have the treatments match the personality of the room. But I also like a more eclectic look for added interest. However, lot's of people like the idea of matching the treatments. If you do, you may want to consider matching treatments for the top floor and then match treatments for the bottom floor. Or match the front of the house and not worry about the other windows. I've also backed woven wood blinds with cloth for clients so they looked more harmonious with the other treatments from the outside. There is no golden rule just personal preference.


Sierra said...

Oh wow! I am in love with the bamboo shades already! I can’t wait to install them on my windows. My, how I love the freshness it brings to the entire room! I agree with you, Melissa. It is definitely way more important to base the treatment design to the personality of the room, rather than base it from what’s outside.

Sierra Nordgren

Nancy Ferdinand said...

Bamboo shades can fit in any room design. In your first examples, I see bamboo shades being used in traditional rooms. Then, you provided pictures that used bamboo shades in modern rooms. Their adaptability make bamboo shades a popular choice in window treatments. Thanks for showcasing these wonderful treatments!

Terry said...

These wooden shades improve the design by a lot. The good thing about it is that you wouldn't have to worry about the matching the colors of the room. Once you put it there, it fits well no matter what the colors of the room are.

Terry Arnold