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Guest Blogger on Summery Living Rooms

Check out my first guest blogger for Pretty Inspirational.  Joanna has picked out some great summery rooms for you to enjoy. We would love to hear which room is your favorite by adding a comment at the end! 

Greetings! I'm Joanna, an interior design writer with Arcadian Lighting, a terrific source for lighting fixtures of every style and finish. I adore my job, especially when I get to research and write on topics such as summery living rooms. Daily, I spend my time collecting the most beautiful interior design ideas and images from around the web. I then get to share them with blog readers like you. I hope you enjoy today's topic! Be sure to let us know which of the following spaces is your favorite.

Summery Living Room Image

Rosy reds and pinks adorn this traditional living room beautifully. The lemon-lime hues on the walls add to its summery glow.

Summery Living Room Image

Brilliant shades of greens, pinks, oranges and yellows decorate a contemporary living room. The artwork on the far wall acts as a focal point, bringing the room's elements together.

Summery Living Room Image

I adore this cheery pink and white living room, it has summer written all over it! The wall color is especially pleasing. I can definitely picture a lovely crystal lighting fixture hanging down from the tall ceiling.

Summery Living Room Image

Nothing says summer quite like pure white slip-covered furnishings and this living room certainly gets it right. The pillows in vintage fabrics are a pretty touch and bring summerís colors indoors.

Summery Living Room Image

A hot pink wicker sofa gives a summery feel to this color-filled living space. The sofa is a bit more relaxed then the room's other furnishings creating an eclectic decor.

Summery Living Room Image

There's no denying yellow is the it color of summer and this living room is a perfect example of how the hue brightens a room even in its palest shade.

Summery Living Room Image

This living space is so exciting with its boldly hued rug, pillows and accessories. I would adore living here, wouldn't you?

Summery Living Room Image

More yellow adorns another living room in its brilliantly-colored artwork and accessories. There is a very interesting light fixture peeking in from the left corner. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 I hope you found these living rooms inspiring and found a lighting solution for your own home! Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for the perfect lighting fixture for your home†here!


Anonymous said...

The first room is my absolute favorite! I love the sophiscation and then the FUN furniture pieces covered in the reds and pinks. I would never think to do it, but it is like lemonade at a festive soda shoppe! Anne

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