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2011 Color of the Year

Pantone just picked the new color of the year!  Pantone, a company considered the authority on color, has been selecting the "Color of the Year" for the last 10 years.  They poll graphic, fashion, industrial and other designers from around the world each year to forecast the colors that will have broad appeal.

Blogosphere goes crazy when they announce the Color of the Year and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  Drum roll please....the color for 2011 is Honeysuckle!

Pantone Color of the Year 2011: Honeysuckle

A bold reddish pink.  A very happy color that should improve your psyche and instill confidence, courage and spirit.  It will remind you of summer and spring.   "In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits.  Honeysuckle is captivating, stimulating that gets the adrenaline going - perfect to ward off the blues" explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Plus folks also look good next to the color by providing them a healthy glow!  

Sounds perfect, right?  Hmmm...not sure I would personally use it for a couch but I would like it in small doses throughout the home. I'm thinking small accessories, pillows, or maybe an accent wall.  I was surprised how many pictures in my photo library had pink.  I found a few other pictures from Elle Decor, one my favorite design magazines.  If you like the idea of adding some honeysuckle to your life, see pink pictures below for inspiration. 

Farewell to last year's "Color of the Year",  Turquoise, one of my favorites!

2010 COLOR OF THE YEAR PANTONE 15-5519 Turqoise

Pictures with pink...

Great chaise in a pink velvet.  Beautiful without being over the top feminine.

Candice Bushnell
 Pink always looks good with black and white.

Cynthia Rowley
 Great with the green and not too preppy.
Gwen Driscoll
 One of my favorite bedrooms.  Love the zebra bench next to the pink throw...
Joe D'Urso
 The wood paneled walls really balance the pink nicely
John Saladino
 Wouldn't expect anything less from Jonathan Adler.  I'm guessing Pantone called him to get his opinion!

Jonathan Adler

Katie Ridder

Michael Smith
One of my favorite blogs, House of Turquoise, just posted this picture today.  Pretty with last year's Color of Year, turquoise.
Lonnie Magazine

This pink isn't as deep but wanted to include it anyway...the lacquered door was too cool to pass up.

Kelly Wearstler

Polly Wrenford

The next two pictures are bold!  I'd worry about wanting a redo in a couple of years.
Lisa Allison

Thibault Jeanson

Just the right amount of pink for me.

Bear-Hill Interiors

Another picture with pink and green, a classic combination.

Kattie Ridder

Pillow is so pretty and lush.
Robert Couturier

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.   By adding a comment below, please let me know your thoughts on the color and how you might use it in your home.   



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