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Pretty Bedrooms

I'm a little bedroom obsessed these days for mainly one reason.  I'm excited to say The Washington Post just asked me to participate in their House Calls column.  For many years this column has been a favorite of mine.  I look at the "before picture" then spend a few minutes coming up with my own solution for the space plan, then look at the designer's "after picture" to see if they came up with a similar space plan.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.  It's a fun little exercise I enjoy every Thursday morning.

Well, they've asked me to design a guest bedroom.  Some of you may remember my post called  Are You Ready For House Guests?!? where I listed all the must haves for a guest bedroom.    So no surprises on the elements that I'll want to include in the room.  For the design, however, I'm currently loving a certain look for a bedroom...crisp, peaceful, with some international flair and a hint of masculinity.  Here are some inspiration pictures I've collected over the past year.  Keep in mind these pictures do include lots of "trade only" items whereas I'm limited to retail items and a budget under $10k.  Also, the client asked for "no flowers and pastels" and they prefer greys and blues, a mix of traditional and modern, and they would like to incorporate an existing cherry dresser that luckily has simple lines.   My design is due by the end of the month and should be printed in April.  I would love your help with the process...tell me what you like about these bedrooms and why!  Just comment below...

Photo Credits:  1. Coastal Living  2. Southern Living  3. Unknown  4. Southern Living  5.  Elle Decor  6.  Suzanne Kasler  7.  Martyn Lawrence  8.  Candace Bushnell  9.  Michael S. Smith  10.  Ty Larkins  11.  Bella Mancini  12.  Unknown

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Patricia said...

I find the rooms with the long draperies to be especially appealing. These give me a feeling of being wrapped in luxury and privacy, which I think is a wonderful feeling for a guest bedroom. I really like the Michael S. Smith room (who wouldn't?), probably because of the room itself: spacious, wooden beams, fireplace, a wonderful feeling of a tranquil place to retreat. Good luck with House Calls! I am really excited for you. Patricia

Nancy said...

Hi Melissa,
I love the depth in the grey wall color in the second to featured bedroom. Also, a bed that has layers of white linens is a favorite of mine with varying textures and you have shown a few. I love clean, simple lines and the elegant window treatment in the first picture would suite me. For a more casual look, I still love the lines of plantation shutters(not depicted here). I love apholstered headboards and the one shown in pic6 might assist with the cherry dresser with the right fabric choice. I like the little bit of whimsy thrown in with the chandelier in the first picture and/or the mirrored nightstand in pic6. I would always go for the wood floor coverings first as in pic12 but when that's not possible a natural fiber heavily textured floor covering as in pic1(but with more texture I think). I can't see past the mess in pic4. I'm a straight-lines and tidy person as in 1, 6, and 11. Picture # 3 is a little too sterile for me. Overall, I like the look of a marriage of pic 1, 6, 11 and 12.
Does this help?
Congratulations on being chosen to participate. I can't wait to see what you do!!

Susie said...

Congratulations on being selected for House Calls! You are doing so well. I like the feeling of the next to last photo. Seems serene and not too fussy…with some modern touches.

Elaine said...

Melissa, I wasn’t sure how to add comments to your e-mail, so I’m replying this way …technical skills are not my strength. So, thanks for asking for feedback and congrats on the honor! I always like guest rooms that are more simple and soothing. My favorite photo was #11 (the one with the nice grey walls and white trim). I think the grey is incredibly comforting and greys with blue accents and white trim could be a nice color combination. I also like the idea of a larger chest serving as a bedside table (in photo #1). I think the gallery of photo’s that were over the bed in photo #5 were nice and would recommend large images of local nature in the gallery – maybe black & white images.

Have fun…