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A Little Magic at the Holidays

About ten years ago I started collecting Department 56 buildings and figurines.  I found them magical to look at during the holidays.  After a few years and over ten buildings later, I stopped buying them but still enjoyed putting them out especially after seeing how much my children enjoyed them.   Admittedly, there have been some years that I don't feel like putting them out because of the time it takes.  This year was one of those years.   But my kids wanted them displayed so I did it.   Last weekend my Dad took some pictures during our annual gingerbread decorating party and he captured their "magic".  Thanks Dad for making me see the "magic" again!

I chose colored lights this year.  A welcome change after a few years of white lights!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!


Carrie said...

Very cool. Didn't know you had to put those things together! I too switched to color lights! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Too fun! I coveted the village buildings at Target for two years and thankfully bought some during the day after Christmas sale the last year they were made! They are the cardstock/glitter kind that remind me of the village I had growing up under our tree. LOVE IT! We do colored lights on the tree...just like when Tommy and I were little. Some things should stay "kid". Merry Christmas!