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One very cool chair!

I've admired the wishbone chair for some time now.  Maybe it's the name...I grew up making wishes with dried out chicken wishbones or maybe it's the semester I spent in Denmark and my brief exposure to Danish design that draws me to this chair.  That's all just a coincidence.  This chair is beautifully handcrafted.  The chair somehow looks traditional and modern at the same time.  It's graceful, simple, and strong.  An iconic piece that is meant to last for generations.

Hans Wegner, a Danish architect and the chair's designer, was inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs.  The chair was put into production in the 1950s and looks as cool today as it did back then.  After seeing the chair in several rooms that I admired I knew the chair could be worthy of a post.

Before I share pictures, I want to mention...

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Now for the pictures....

Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner

I also came across these amazing pictures of the wishbone chair that was used to raise money for breast cancer research.  Last year 20 famous designers were asked to create seat cushions for the chair that were then auctioned off.   This is what they came up with...

Allegra Hicks
Bunny Williams
Celery Kemble and Amy Lau
Katie Lydon

Kelly Behun

Laura Kirar

Lulu DK
Julie Hullman

Kelly Wearstler

Which one is your favorite?  

Have a good week!


Carrie said...

I like the simple look of these and I love the spare scandanavian style, but how comfortable is it really??

I would love the book "An Affair with a house"!
Love your posts Melissa!

Heather Kadel said...

I especially like the chair in red - it really pops and makes that room. I have always liked Danish Modern; so simple and striking.

I would love to have the Thomas OBrien book as I have so many of his pieces; 1 bed, 1 dresser, 5 chairs, a table and a stool! Clearly, I am a fan of his! I like that your posts offer fresh ideas that are accessible.

Happy Holidays!