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Spring is Here!!!

I'm loving the recent weather in Maryland.  I had my first dinner party outside this past weekend.  We didn't sit down to eat till 8 so everyone got a blanket just in case they got a little chilly.  It was a great time with good friends, good food and good wine!  I tried a new Paella recipe that you make on the grill with lobster.  It had the most amazing flavor and I highly recommend you try it! Click here and scroll down to the Paella recipe.    Below in the lower left corner you can see a picture of the dish...

Wall Street Journal
For desert I made dark chocolate mousse from the Bouchon cookbook.  I've never been to Napa Valley, but when I go, I will definitely be eating at Bouchon Bistro.  I love everything I've tried in their cook book.  Years ago I even bought the lidded pot de creme molds to serve mousse.  We like mousse so much it was worth the splurge.


Below are pretty spring pictures...Here's to enjoying the outside!


Canadian House and Home

Canadian House and Home

Canadian House and Home
House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Canadian House and Home

This Old House

This Old House


Carrie said...

I want to be invited over YOUR house for a dinner party! :)

Pretty Inspirational said...

Anytime! We can make it a mini SP reunion! Melissa

Seema Persaud, H&H Web Promotions Editor said...

We are definitely ready for outdoor living! Please feel free to l ink back to us at

You might find more outdoor inspiration in our guide, too:



Anonymous said...

Love the garden photos! Spring is just HAPPY!